Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This (minus the painting on the side) was what all the cabs on St. John looked like. They loaded up as many people as were going in the right direction, and made stops along the way. There were basically only two roads on the island, so almost everyone was always going the same way.

You can't really tell from this picture, but the painting was a cohesive piece of art. I think this one was flowers and mountains, we saw one of an underwater fish scene, and there were several others. The rest were plain brick red.

The cabs were most definitely there only for the tourists - many times our cab would stop to let a local on, the local would ride over the hill (there was a very steep hill between the Westin and town), or just a short distance, and then hop off.

We also had one cabbie once who had his kids along. We were coming back from somewhere that was on the far side of town, which was full of one-way streets. We paused at an intersection, and the cabbie's 10-ish year old kid jumped out. Then, we circled around the one-way streets and eventually got back to a corner just down the street from where the kid jumped out. He jumped back in, carrying a sandwich and a slice of pizza.

Photo credit: Ryan Jones 2006Posted by Picasa